The plan…



PC or macbook connected to Kinect and projector.

Running modified ofxPiMapper.

Backgrounds projection mapped with ofxPiMapper surfaces.  Need a way to remote control sources.

Foreground objects dynamically projection mapped with ofxPiMapper dynamic surfaces + ofxKinectProjectionToolkit.  This dynamic surface stuff is going to be the hardest part.  One method using a Processing sketch example from KinectProjectionToolkit and SimpleOpenNI tracked skeletons pretty well, but can’t presently get the OpenNI stuff to work in OpenFrameworks on the PC… this is a hurdle to overcome.

Project similar clips and fx onto walls, suspended ceiling, other surfaces.  Try for 2 other ofxPiMapper RPI3 units to projection map onto other areas of the room.

Take motion info from the foreground objects and stream that to the fx on other surfaces – stream to other units to project stuff too.


  1. Calibration of projector & Kinect
  2. Integrating dynamic surface info, code and logic
    1. getting OpenNI working in OpenFrameworks
  3. Streaming video data over wifi to multiple devices
  4. Remote control
  5. Sound reactive
  6. Getting good projection material (mosquito net?)  and ways to hang it