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    Bambleweeny: drum2musocv

    Since dipping my toes into Eurorack (which explains why I’ve not actually finished any music since last summer..), I’ve been writing this Arduino Zero and MidiMuso CV-12 based project to control it from my DAW and add stuff like Euclidian rhythms. Available for your consideration over at github.

    Photo of my unit with dodgy extra clock outputs
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    DIY Arduino+SID MIDI synth

    Dead chuffed that I managed to get this sucker working (in the end)!

    Based on the ARMSID SID replacement chip, with an Arduino Uno handling the USB, MIDI and chip-controlling bits.

    Also includes an FLStudio dashboard to control it with and enable saving presets etc. Flashed the bootloader with USBMidiKliK to make it appear as a class-compliant MIDI device and now I can just plug it in to USB and my default FL template has the generator all set up and ready to go with a preset loaded ready to start tweaking and recording!

    Code over on github, featuring an adaptation of Notes and Volts‘ LFO to enable LFO modulation of filter cutoff and pulse width. Forked from ‘therealjaypo’ SIDI which appears to be unmaintained and I haven’t heard back from the author. There are some blog posts over at http://hatestheinternet.com/kraslophone/midi-sid-arduino/sidi [although the site seems to be down as of 2020-05-11]

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    MadLab Noise-X cheatsheet and FL Studio control panel

    I built a MadLab Noise-X kit, cool thing, great scifi bleeps, drones and siren type noises.

    I’ve put together a cheat sheet for controlling it. I’m planning to get this printed onto a mouse mat or something for easy reference and to stop it sliding around on the desk to much. Might be useful to someone else too!

    MadLab Noise-X controls cheat sheet

    I’ve also created an FL Studio Patcher preset and dashboard, set up to control the various Noise-X parameters. Some trial and error and figured some other things out from the source. Click here to download it

    Also posted on the FL Studio forums.

    If you stumble upon this and find it useful, or notice any mistakes or have improvements to share, please do get in touch